Forever Existing Place

Artist: Pace House
Release Date: June 15, 2016
Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Rock
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Forever Existing Place is somewhere between the chiller songs of CHON and TTNG. It’s on the mellow side of math rock, which retains almost none of what makes math rock math, but there’s still some display of musicianship, and the sonic characteristics of the genres are kept. It’s really good, especially for a relaxed listening session.

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1. Untitled - Intro
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2. Nothing Means Anything, Everything
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3. Shark & Sparrow
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4. Circus
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5. Key of Sea
6. Such is Life
7. Clear-Light Mind
8. Forever Existing Place
9. On the Verge
10. Glass Hand
11. Glass Hand (End)
12. Untitled
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Untitled - Intro


Nothing Means Anything, Everything

The way we talk is the
Only grace I know,
And it kills me to think of
This as a come and go.
‘Cause I’m growing with the pain
She molded into my own.

Nothing means anything,
Haunted by the notions of
That is me.

I walk an arcane path
Behind a window pane.
And I’m home at last
But lost in the greatest safety.

Life is never gone;
I am never gone.

Shark & Sparrow

I’m underneath the sea of
Untimely dreams.
I’m gunning up the skyline
And faulting trust.
I have to swim or fly
When I need be.

But when I land,
There’s nowhere to go.
I’m at the prime of my life
With no air flow.
Preach about the feelings I have
That are shallow.
Say, back when I had no one to--

Summer’s over,
I’ll fly to some land
That I don’t like.
Yeah I don’t care.
Summer’s over,
I’ll fly to some land
Over the ocean.
I’m a sparrow.

I’m a shark
In the water now,
When the beast comes out.
I’m feeding on the waste tonight.
I’ll clean to reconcile.

I’m a fox in the night
I’m a shark in the sea
I’m a sparrow in the sky
I’m the need of my need.
(When I need it)



Key of Sea

If I could say one
Of two things about this place
We’re living
Like a child that is summer bound,
Distracted by the sounds around
Him and he missed
The subtle shapings
That the seasons abound each year
Since he failed to stop,
Whatever wisdom’s gone.

When the tide lets out,
What is the right amount
For the sea drawn back
To fill water in the cracks.

This me (what’s real),
Trying to find what is me (real),
The key of sea.

Why’s the sun the only one
Who doesn’t move around the clock?
To feed us a carbon tree of greed,
That’s all we’ve known and brought.
Yet we wonder why the garden’s dried up,
Now we run like silly girls
From the problems with the things we’re taught.
It’ll never happen when God’s away from us.

Accept it’s right,
Except it’s not.

Glaring from this trench I
Could never experience
The nature of wind shifting me
Into a state not infallible.
Whatever happened?
Whatever happens in the sea?
Whatever happened?
Whatever happens to me,
I’ll be alright.

Such is Life

Such is life
Such as it is tonight.
We’re on the breaking point
Of synopses gone.
There’s diamond rocks
Uptop a hill,
Our minds distraught
But at least there is still
Comfort in numb.

We’re singing such is life.

Such is life
No matter how hard we try
The stones are rolling on
Down the hill behind us.

Our lead is rescending now
We’re failing to recognize
We’ve fallen into wasted time
All over again.
All over this guilt
And whose fault is this.

We’re searching for a
Holy night curled up
In the corner left for
Us to see
It’s a mirror

Clear-Light Mind

I've been dreaming
Of moments that
Are commonly grounded
In thoughtlessness
Or what It could be
Either foolish for purely
eating poisonous oddities
I just want to awake me
Not to barely fall asleep

Not to barely fall asleep
Not to barely hold the key
To the mysteries that are killing me
Now will I rely or
Let it go

This time it's right
Thought the last try I had it all figured out
It seems like
What I can't and you can't answer
Makes me live

Join into the sunlight
Where it's always bright
Join into the sunlight
Where it's always

In this day I live and die
'Cause each day's a different life

Forever Existing Place

I'm coming home, Forever existing place

On the Verge

Set up for the shot,
Don’t be a gust of wind.
Hello old friend,
Was this your idea?
I found out;
I found it was her,
And we were dressed for
The occasion of sums.

Will I act before
My courage is gone
For the chances along.
Will I act before
My courage is gone?
I’m on the verge.

I have no where to run to.
Parade me with your pink dress
I’m begging,
The earth provided us trees
Just share this island
With you with me
With you

On our perfect day,
But the flowers fade.
Wonder what remains,
Wanted the color to stay.

Glass Hand

A fragile exchange of eyes,
Say it’s nothing while
I reached for your hand tonight,
And you clenched it tight.
My palm was cut from what,
Blood was dripping.
A holistic approach was my
First instinct.

Please take me
To the hospital now.
I’m in the backseat,
Please take me
To the hospital now.
My glass hand is breaking.

Cold and stressed,
Retreat to basic reality.
When finally they talk
I’m already detached
From the dream.

Glass Hand (End)



About New Album

Produced/Mixed by Thomas Le Beau Morley, London, UK

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Recorded at Screen Door Records Nashville, TN

Artwork by Lewes Herriot, Birmingham UK