SW / PH Split

Artists: Pace House, Sleep Weather
Label: Lost State Records
Release Date: January 05, 2017
Genres: Indie Rock, Math Rock, Shoegaze
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Album Review

SW / PH is a split EP from Sleep Weather and Pace House, two very good indie pop/math rock bands. The under-twenty-minute EP is dreamy and beautiful, so it’s always nice to have alongside other math rock albums, even if it’s on the shorter side. Both SW and PH sides are equally great, and this split made me discover the former band! Hurray!

- Dæv Tremblay (http://canthisevenbecalledmusic.com/mini-reviews-xlviii/)

Pace House kick off the second half of the EP with a distinctly math-ier feel, the skittering guitars and offbeat drums of “Anne’s Anthem” recall the more sparse parts of Don Caballero. Restraint is the name of the game here: complex basslines and drum patterns tightly interlock without becoming intrusive, allowing the inventive guitar playing and heart-on-sleeve lyricism to shine.

- Caleb Fanshawe (http://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/new-music-sleep-weather-pace-house-sw-ph/)
1. Sleep Weather - Too Far
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2. Sleep Weather - I-285 (What If I'm Blind)
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3. Anne's Anthem
4. Ghost Youth
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Available lyrics

Sleep Weather - Too Far

We talk aloud about things
we don't to care about,
and certain words aren't allowed.

Your face is lit by the stars
we were born from - they're too far.

The ebb and flow to be inspired -
I know we could have made it.
Another step forward,
just to gain a mile

It's too far.

Sleep Weather - I-285 (What If I'm Blind)

Till up the Earth,
plant a bad seed.
Kill all the worms,
just to feed the mouth
that needs nourishing.
Tear out the weeds,
killing ant colonies.

The poultry has spoiled,
the milk has too.
The meat's all expired,
it served no use to you.

Back and forth -
this city's highways,
they sway - they're grey.
285, I'm on my way.
It's my way - the highway.
These cars and street lights
wouldn't be here without my eyes.
What if I'm blind?

Anne's Anthem

Excite me, I can’t feel
Shake me up, I’m too still
Save me cause I can’t heal
Hey Anne, are you listening

Who am I
When I’m grown up,
Can I just pretend.
I'd rather stay
Here all night
And let tomorrow burn at both ends

Ghost Youth

Where was our youth left at?
Somewhere under the bleachers we sit at now.
And now I can’t remember last year
Slow it down, so I can climb back down
I’m running
Out of time for the
Things I had dreamt of
One day I’ll wake to finally
See me clear, (like) how our parents became
But if I settle down I can’t run out

Staring back down the end
Looking back up from the beginning
Staring back down the end, I tell myself

Don’t forget this youth when you’re a ghost

Drag this pair of dead legs
And go find us a seat but
Will we no where we are
When we are up here
Don't forget there's always a place underneath
No matter where you go

I’ve been steady for too long
And now I miss my friends, I miss them
About New Album

A Collaboration between Sleep Weather and Pace House.

Engineered by Taylor Adams and Paul Costa in Rainbow City, AL
Mixed by Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CN
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio

Original photography by Courtney Nantz
Design and illustration by Taylor Adams