Past Shows

9.02.16 @ The White House w/ Sleep Weather, Russian Love Machine, and Mason Atkins (Jacksonville, AL)

7.13.16 @ House show (Huntsville, AL)

7.12.16 @ Tommy’s Playhouse w/ Sleep Weather, Stay the Sea, Kinder Than Wolves (Atlanta, GA)

7.9.16 @ House show (Tuscaloosa, AL)

7.1.16 @ Group Therapy (Columbia, SC)

6.30.16 @ Preservation Pub w/ Culture Vulture (Knoxville, TN)

6.27.16 @ Tin Roof West Ashley w/ FRONTMANs & Catholics (Charleston, SC)

6.26.16 @ House Show (Wilmington, SC)

6.25.16 – Asheville, NC @ the Sly Grog Lounge w/ Tongues of Fire, Depression Surfers & Liam Christopher McKay

6.24.16 – Chapel Hill, NC @ the Cave w/ Go Go Hero and The Stars Explode

6.22.16 – Wilmington, NC @ the Juggling Gypsy Cafe w/ Coy

6.21.16 @ Common Ground w/ Subject to Change, Harrison Ford Mustang & Ebon Shrike (Greensboro,NC)

6.20.16 @ The Sentient Bean w/ The Wave Slaves (Savannah, GA)

6.19.16 @ Joker Joker Gallery w/ Sleep Weather, Try the Sea & Tyler Key (Athens, AL)

6.18.16 @ the Pony Ranch w/ Blurry, Fox Wound, Sleep Weather (Atlanta, Georgia)

6.17.16 @ The Music Center w/ Sleep Weather and Eyes on Lips (Gadsden, AL)

6.05.16 @ “Break Fest” music festival (Athens, GA)

6.04.16 @ “OMNIA Collecta” music festival 2016 (Huntsville, AL)

5.21.16 @ The End Zone w/ Estoria and Old Nick and the Gypsies (Huntsville, AL)

5.18.16 @ Hope Wild Craft Beer Bar w/ Free Candy (Huntsville, AL)

4.02.16 @ Boro Fondo Blocko Bazaaro: Arts Fair & Flea Market Fundraiser (Murfreesboro, AL)

4.08.16 @ Maggie’s w/ Mental State,  When I’m Older, Eyes on Lips (Boaz, AL)

3.25.16 @ Hops Wild Craft Beer Bar w/ Free Candy (Huntsville, AL)

3.11.16 @ Caldwell Tavern w/ Traveling Broke and Out of Gas (Anniston, AL)

2.26.16 @ El Opry w/ Sex Raptor, Camacho, The Color Wild, Eyes on Lips (Athens, AL)

2.14.16 @ Lowe Mills w/ Roxy Roca (Huntsville, AL)

2.13.16 @ MVP Bar and Grill (Huntsville, AL)

1.19.16 @ The Nick w/ Down They Fall, Daze of Broken Fate, Holy Umbrella Union (Birmingham, AL)

1.17.16 @ Maggie’s w/ Mike Frazier, Second to Last, Daze of Broken Fate (Boaz, AL)

1.01.16 @ The White House w/ Guardians of Troy, The Sunsets, and Eyes on Lips (Jacksonville, AL)

11.27.15 @ Maggie Myers w/ All about the Tones (Huntsville, AL)

11.21.15 @ Brother’s Bar w/ Ethan and the Ewox (Jacksonville, AL)

11.20.15 @ Brother’s Bar w/ Ethan and the Ewox (Jacksonville, AL)

10.09.15 @ The Caldwell Tavern w/ All About the Tones (Anniston, AL)

8.22.15 @ Secret House Show w/ What a Shame and Russian Love Machine (Jacksonville, AL)

8.05.15 @ Smith’s Olde Bar “Heineken Concert Series” w/ Tarnation (Atlanta, AL)

7.31.15 @ Andy’s Academy of Music w/ VEDA (Southside, AL)

7.29.15 @ Andy’s Academy of Music w/ Roamer (Southside, AL)

7.24.15 @ Caldwell Tavern “Alabama Music Showcase” (Anniston, AL)

7.23.15 @ Green Bar (Tuscaloosa, AL)

7.18.15 @ Caldwell Tavern w/ VEDA (Anniston, AL)

7.17.15 @ Vintage 1889 w/ Headwires, Men and Mountains, Ethos (Fort Payne, AL)

7.13.15 @ Hard Rock Cafe (Memphis, TN)

7.10.15 @ Lowe Mills “Deaf To Discord” (Huntsville, AL)

6.27.15 @ Peerless (Anniston, AL)

6.27.15 @ Sounds of Summer Festival (Anniston, AL)

6.26.15 @ Studio ON (Roswell, GA)

6.20.15 @ Maggie Myers Irish Pub w/ All About The Tones (Hunstville, AL)

6.19.15 @ Brother’s Bar (Jacksonville, AL)

6.13.15 @ Dom’s Going Away Party (Piedmont, AL)

6.06.15 @ Caldwell Tavern w/ The Color Wild (Anniston, AL)

5.14.15 @ Chow’s Seafood and Asian Bistro w/ All About The Tones (Jacksonville, AL)

5.08.15 @ Omnia Collecta (Huntsville, AL)

4.10.15 @ Syndicate Lounge w/ Rye BabyThe MatchsellersEveryday but Friday (Birmingham, AL)

3.27.15 @ Zinn Park w/ Blues Traveler (Anniston, AL)

3.15.15 @ Syndicate Lounge w/ Against GraceLets Move Mountains,Between the Atoms

3.12.15 @ JSU – Pi Phi (Jacksonville, AL)

3.12.15 @ Andy’s Academy of Music w/ RoamerHeadwiresGiants at LargeThis is All Now

2.11.15 @ Zydeco “UAB Relay for Life” (Birmingham, AL)

2.07.15 @ The End w/ Leave No Trace and Roamer (Florence, AL)

1.31.15 @ The Syndicate Lounge w/ AdornEarly Americans, and Twin Heart Trap (Birmingham, AL)

1.8.15 @ Cheaha Brewing Company (Anniston, AL)

12.19.14 @ The Forge w/ FuneralbloomNew Madrid, and Safety Net (Birmingham, AL)

12.05.14 @ The Glass Onion/Artifacts (Gadsden, AL)

10.30.14 @ Stone Center Amphitheater “WLJS Showcase” (Jacksonville, AL)

10.25.14 @ The Peerless “The Zombie Walk on Noble Street” (Anniston, AL)

10.18.14 @ Andy’s Academy of Music “Andy’s Fest” (Southside, AL)

9.20.14 @ Andy’s Academy of Music w/ RoamerMercy RuleSandcastlesMeadows, and Stateside (Gadsden, AL)

9.18.14 @ Shroeder’s New Deli (Rome, GA)

7.26.14 @ “Blockbuster” House Show (Gadsden, AL)

7.19.14 @ Pelham’s Bar /w Ugly Pompous Grin (Jacksonville, AL)

7.15.14 @ Andy’s Academy of Music /w On My HonorSmallsThe ShedsLatin For Truth & Extralife (Southside, AL)

7.04.14 @ First Friday w/ Caribbean Chrome, Kings of Swing, Jess Goggans, Phillip Dudley, Daddy Toes (Gadsden, AL)

6.26.14 @ The Music Center (Gadsden, AL)

6.08.14 @ The Forge w/ VelouriaDear ProdigalKilgore Trout, and What Moon Things (Birmingham, AL)

6.07.14 @ Andy’s Academy of Music w/ Men and MountainsRoamerExtralife and Lapse (Southside, AL)

4.14.14 @ House Show w/ Mason Atkins and Mount Vesuvius Death March(Gadsden, AL)

3.20.14 @ Roller Knights w/ Boymeetsworld, Extralife, and The Rookie Mistake (Arab, AL)